The proposed curriculum is based on the courses offered in common by 9 partner universities, 5 in Europe (Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Turin and Valencia), and 4 in the South-Mediterranean area (Alexandria in Egypt, Saint-Joseph and Saint Esprit de Kaslik in Lebanon, and Marrakech in Morocco). The Neurex association (upper-Rheine neuroscience network), and the French-Moroccan Neuroscience “Groupement de Recherche International” (GDRI) are associated partners also involved in the project.

The ISIS master’s degree was created as part of a TEMPUS IV project (ISIS, 1,3 M€, 2010-2014) funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Bordeaux University. It is now funded by specific actions of the Bordeaux Cluster of Excellence (Idex). Additional supports have been requested to the European Commission (Strategic Partnerhip ERASMUS + programme).

The courses are delivered as a mix of on-site teaching, videoconferences, and e-learning through a Moodle platform. Special emphasis is put on active learning and inverted classes. Particular attention is paid to deliver a unique, common teaching to all students through these pedagogical tools. Student assessment is also common.

This master’s degree aims are three fold. (i) It will provide students with access to the techniques and concepts of modern biology through courses in Neuroscience. (ii) It will contribute to the standardization of teaching in Neuroscience and Biotechnology throughout the Euro-Mediterranean space, thus facilitating the acquisition of homogenous high level competences, knowledge and know-how by the students. (iii) Finally, this joined program aims at fostering exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Mediterranean area. Together with other Euro-Mediterranean projects (N€uromed, NEUreN), this partnership allows organizing powerful Neuroscience networks that result in mutual benefits for all students and staff from Euro-Mediterranean Universities.


  • Bordeaux University - France
  • Aix-Marseille Mediterranean University - France
  • Nice Sophia Antipolis University - France
  • Turin University - Italy
  • Valencia University- - Spain
  • Alexandria University - Egypt
  • St Joseph University (Beirut)- Lebanon
  • Saint-Esprit de Kaslik University (Jounieh)- Lebanon
  • Cadi Ayyad University (Marrakesh) - Morocco
  • Neurex Association (Strasbourg, Fribourg, Basel)
  • GDRI neurO (CNRSCentre national de la recherche scientifique -CNRST)

Mise à jour le 02/07/2015